The Sister4Science at Orozco session is coming to a close, and we ended with a bang and lots of blood (don’t’ worry, no one was harmed, but I can’t say the same for the bananas). This past Thursday April 28, 2016 we had our very last visitor come, Dr. Florence Mussat. Dr. Mussat is a board certified plastic surgeon, who is a native from France. To start off the session Dr. Mussat brought in gloves, scrubs, shoe covers, hair caps and surgical masks. All the girls were excited to dress up in scrubs. While Oasis was grabbing the scrubs to put on, she turned to me and held up the scrubs to her body and said “Vanessa, how am I suppose to fit into these! Look they’re twice my size!” She managed to make them fit while Alexis and her just started laughing. All the girls looked so happy to be wearing actual scrubs and to feel like they were actually going to do surgery.

Dr. Mussat ran through a slide show of medical terminology, but surprisingly the girls knew most of the answers already! The Orozco girls were ahead of the game and were ready to start their surgical procedure. The girls split up into 3 groups while Dr. Mussat was puncturing the bananas for each group. Instead of diving right in, Dr. Mussat gave an example of how to sew up a bleeding patient [banana]. Then the girls dove right in to try and stop the bleeding. Alexis got the hang of it very quickly, she was sewing from left to right, top to bottom. Elizabeth said “man, there’s so much strawberry syrup (blood) coming out.” Isabella showed me her banana with pure content. She said “Vanesa, Vanessa look at my perfect banana! I saved the patient!” This was the first time I have ever seen these girls so focus and determined. Each and everyone of them left that day knowing how to sew up a patient [banana].

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