Project Exploration Gearing Up for Women’s History Month

As we approach Women’s History Month this March and Project Exploration is preparing for two events. These events will bring girls from all across the City to participate in a week-long STEM Spring Break Camp and a day long conference, Girls’ Health and Science Day! We are thrilled to celebrate Women’s History Month and Science!

The STEM Spring Break Camp is a week-long program that immerses girls in the expertise and culture of a STEM-based company or institution. Past partners have included: Tata Consultancy Services, which led activities in coding and robotics; and Motorola Mobility, which paired girls with a diverse group of professional women, developing their unique ideas for useful mobile technology and learning all of the different roles that women at Motorola fill.

Girls’ Health and Science Day is an annual daylong conference inspired by girls from our Sisters4Science (S4S) program who told Project Exploration staff, “It is important for all girls to know about themselves. A lot of girls don’t have support for their concerns or a chance to learn about their health.” Workshops at the annual conference are guided each year by the current concerns of girls in S4S regarding topics that are important to their personal well-being. Project Exploration partners with community-based organizations that are experts on topics such as self-defense, positive digital practices, the female body, healthy relationships, and sexuality. The conference goals are to present girls with medically accurate information, provide a safe place for girls to explore topics important to them, and to equip and empower girls to make healthy decisions.

Project Exploration’s Women’s History Month Champion, Nicole Williams

This year we are pleased to have Nicole E. Williams, M.D., FACOG, board certified gynecologic surgeon and founder of The Gynecology Institute of Chicago as the PE Champion for our girls events this March! Dr. Williams became involved with Project Exploration in the early 2000’s. She served as a STEM Mentor with our Sisters4Science program. Exposing middle school girls in underrepresented communities to her passion for the medical sciences was a highlight for the girls. Not only did she get involved with our Sisters program but also lead healthy body workshops for Girls’ Health and Science Day and was the keynote speaker.

Dr. Williams’, world travel experiences and core belief in “giving back” has not only shaped her medical practice, but her entire life. Growing up in East St. Louis, Dr. Nicole Williams always knew she was destined to make an impact in the world, especially helping women. At a young age, she studied in Russia and noticed there was a bigger world out there besides the crime that plagued her hometown. She was influenced as a high school student to become a citizen of the world and help others. She is now bilingual, speaking conversational French and learning German. According to Dr. Williams, “the need to give back is not a choice for me.”

Support Project Exploration and our Women’s History Month Events

Project Exploration needs your support to ensure both girls events are a success! If you are interested in supporting our activities by volunteering, providing swag bag materials or want to lead a session please contact Sarah Houberg, Development Coordinator at [email protected] or visit our website to make a donation. In addition, we will be hosting a Science of Wine event on March 1, 2018 from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm, if you are interested please contact Sarah Houberg.


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