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Project Exploration has provided transformative learning opportunities to over 20,000 Chicago youth in our 22 year history and our efforts work! A ten year longitudinal study revealed that our students are three times more likely to enroll in a four-year college than their peers, and over one-third of PE alumni major in a STEM-related discipline. With your help, we can ensure continued, equitable access to STEM programs and careers for over 1,000 Chicago students this year.

Project Exploration is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.Your gift directly supports our programs to ensure that communities traditionally overlooked by science – particularly minority youth and girls – can access transformative learning opportunities which set them up for success in school, their future careers, and life.

“PE gave me confidence. They made me feel like I have confidence to go out to do whatever I set my mind out to do and I always knew that I would be part of something that deals with science, but being part of PE just gave me that drive even more so to pursue that career path.

STEM has the power

To steer youth from violence.
To break the cycle of poverty.
To make bright futures possible.
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