I am very excited to discuss my wonderful students at Al Raby High School! They have really created a safe learning environment where they feel they can be successful and give their all 100 percent of the time. Within the first few weekends of program I have engaged the students into real life experiences. Starting off our days we usually ask a question to set the mood for the beginning of program. An example would be “what did you eat last night for dinner”.’

Embracing the students into research gives them another side of what science is about. Knowing how to look for the right things and learning how to retrieve certain resources to get the best results. The students recreated a trading game using the countries involved in the free trade agreement. This taught them about how science played in to trade and economics. The students also have built different STEM subject games. Really looking forward with working with Inspiration Kitchen in the near future.

Written By: Torri Hampton

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