Dani Moon brings over 10 years of experience in youth development and education to Project Exploration. Dani is a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate who engages a multi-faceted approach to help address the systemic challenges that marginalized communities in the US face. As a native of the City of Chicago’s south side, Dani is keenly aware of the barriers many members of such communities encounter in pursuing social, political, and economic equity.

She also knows well the endless potential those same groups possess, and she has dedicated herself to empowering those groups to uncover and pursue that potential. Dani has over a decade of experience in the non-profit and education sectors, specializing in program development/management and community building. She is also a committed teacher, coach, and mentor to individuals and families working towards building generational wealth and legacy.

Prior to PE, Dani worked with individuals and families access quality financial knowledge and instruments that they can use to achieve and exceed their goals. She believes that you don’t need a billion-dollar estate to engage with financial planning. All you need is the will to succeed and the will to plan out that success. Together, we will find the way. And that’s just what she has been doing since she joined the team here at PE. There are always avenues to breaking generational barriers and turning them into generational legacies. Dani is using her expertise to empower our students as they create stronger STEM identities in efforts to continue to close the wealth gap through STEM education and access to equitable, high-quality STEM experiences.

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