Gabe Lyon with Mayor Emanuel and Neal Sales-Griffin (Starter League)

Cofounder and Senior Explorer Gabrielle Lyon has joined Mayor Emanuel’s newly-formed Technology Industry Diversity Council as co-chair with the Starter League’s Neal Sales-Griffin. The council, filled with leaders in Chicago’s tech start-up community, will focus on ” three main goals: increasing the percentage of minority employees for technology firms; increasing the number of minority-owned and operated technology firms; and helping to create new ways through which Chicago’s Public Schools and City Colleges of Chicago’s students can transition into the technology economy.” (from the City’s press release)

Gabe will bring a unique perspective to the council, using her experience at PE and in the recent citywide STEM mapping project to make sure that all Chicago students have opportunities to get involved in Chicago’s growing tech business.

For more information, read this short Sun-Times article or go to the City’s press release. And stay tuned for more.  

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