Our goal is for students to explore different STEM topics after school through hands-on experiments led by STEM Professionals.  We encourage everyone to join us especially African American and Latino professionals to reflect the student population we are serving.

This experience exposes minority youth to positive role models and unique perspectives.


If you are in a science, technology, or engineering profession you can join us in exposing Chicago minority youth to exciting careers! For as little as a two-hour time commitment you can present your knowledge and skills to our middle school students.

Check out our blog to see what our youth are learning from STEM professionals like you!

We offer a $75 stipend for your time, up to $30 for materials and any coaching or guidance you may need before your presentation.

Access our Scientist’s Toolkit to help with creating your activity.


  1. Use your professional skills to inspire Chicago minority youth. Complete the form below to start the process of becoming a STEM Professional for Project Exploration!
  2. Find out other ways you can volunteer at Project Exploration. Call us at (312)-273-4026 or email us at volunteer@projectexplortion.org.
  3. No time to volunteer? That’s okay! Contribute here to the Annual Fund to continue the empowerment of Chicago minority youth.


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