Who we Are

Project Exploration is a nonprofit science education organization that works to ensure communities traditionally overlooked by science—particularly minority youth and girls—have access to personalized experiences with science and scientists.

How We Got Started

Founded in 1999, as a social justice response to the lack of diversity in STEM fields, Project Exploration serves middle and high-school youth from Chicago Public Schools in student centered, small group settings. Project Exploration seeks to expand access to science. In partnership with the Chicago Public Schools our youth programs impact the lives of hundreds of students each year by fostering a long-term involvement in STEM, and are supported by out of school time programs that provide a window into STEM education in action through hands-on activities and STEM Mentors. Project Exploration targets students who are open-minded and curious, regardless of academic or economic standing, and gives them the opportunity to explore a variety of STEM disciplines alongside STEM Mentors.  We work closely with the Chicago Public Schools to identify programs that support school day learning within communities that have limited access to STEM based programming.



Project Exploration creates transformative learning opportunities for youth underrepresented in the sciences --particularly students of color and girls -- by equipping them with the skills, practices, and mindset needed for a lifelong pursuit of learning.

Gabrielle Lyon

Project Exploration Founder

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