Learn more about Project Exploration, our programs and activities. This is a collection of publications written by Project Exploration team members or articles written about Project Exploration.

STEM Ready America Article, Career and College Exploration in Afterschool Programs in STEM (2017)

Project Exploration is included in this report which exemplifies how high quality afterschool and summer learning programs provide not only learning opportunities for students to further explore STEM felds but also an intentional focus on postsecondary educational opportunities and careers within those STEM fields.

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Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative FY16 Report (2016)

The STEM Co-op is working to create the Chicago STEM Learning Ecosystem for Chicago children and youth. This initiative brings together cross-sector stakeholders to tackle issues around access, equity and opportunity around STEM Learning.

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State of STEM in Out-of-School Time in Chicago (2013)

The final report from 2012’s citywide survey of OST STEM opportunities for youth, the first of its kind. The initial project and ongoing work of the STEM Pathways Cooperative has been lead by Project Exploration, in partnership with numerous foundations, nonprofit organizations, and government offices.

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Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Changing the Face of Science (2010)

The 10-year retrospective study conducted by the University of California Berkeley validates Project Exploration’s model and its underlying assumptions that it is possible to demonstrably boost student interest in science in out-of-school time settings and inspire young people – who are amongst those least likely to meaningfully participate in science, technology or engineering – to reach for new levels of academic and career achievement.

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Youth Development, Science Learning and Out–of –School Time: The Triple Alliance (2010)

Gil G. Noam, Program in Education, Afterschool and Resilience (PEAR), Harvard University reflects on Project Exploration’s 10-year retrospective report and shed light on key elements to engage youth in science.

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Project Exploration’s Sisters4Science: Involving Urban Girls of Color in Science Out of School (2010)

Published in the National Institute for Out of School Time: After School Matters Journal, this paper sketches the context for participation in science by girls from historically underrepresented populations and offers a detailed description of Project Exploration’s Sisters4Science program and its personalized, girl-centered pedagogy. The S4S example suggests a need to complement current out-of-school science programs with lessons from girl-centered practice and research.

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Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative FY17 Report (2017)

The STEM Co-op is a collaborative effort aimed at increasing access to high quality STEM programs. Its work is guided by the premise that access to high-quality, in-school and out-of-school STEM experiences can provide a strong foundation for success in adulthood and support civic, college, and work readiness. This will provide a year 2 report.

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Systematic Approaches to STEM in Out of School Time in Chicago: Proceedings Report (2014)

Project Exploration convened Chicago’s funders and STEM OST networks to review the findings from the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative report to strategize how the STEM OST and funder communities can work together to act upon the report’s findings and recommendations

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Beyond the Pipeline: STEM Pathways for Youth Development [2012]

Published in the National Institute for Out of School Time: After School Matters Journal, this article describes how Project Exploration’s model and approach to empowering underrepresented groups to pursue STEM interests is less a matter of repairing a “leaky pipeline” than of building relationship-based, competency-driven pathways for meaningful participation.

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Contextualizing Project Exploration: 10‐Year Retrospective Program Evaluation Report (2010)

This article provides a contextual reflection on the work of Project Exploration over the past ten years. Drawing upon an evaluation study of the 10‐year impact of the program, Sara Ray Stoelinga draws connections to the relevant research findings that have emerged in education research.

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Project Exploration 10-Year Retrospective Program Evaluation Summative Report (2010)

Bernadette Chi, Ph.D., Juna Z. Snow, Ph.D. with David Goldstein, Shirley Lee,, Joo Chung, Lawrence Hall of Science investigated, measured, and assessed former PE participant (i.e., alumni) involvement in PE programs and subsequent educational and career life choices for indicators, as well as themes related to the influence of PE programs.

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A Watershed Moment: The First National Conference on Science and Technology in Out-of-School Time (2009)

Review of the first-ever national conference on Science and Technology in Out-of-School Time, convened in 2008 by Project Exploration and the Coalition for Science After School.

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P R O J E C T E X P L O R AT I O N: Youth Programs Evaluation - Executive Summary (2006)

Five-year evaluation of Project Exploration’s programs designed and implemented, in part, by program participants.

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