Junior Board

We want young professionals to take this journey
supporting our STEM student and the communities we serve

What is Junior Board?

Project Exploration knows that young professionals in the STEM community want to help guide youth interested in science and connect to others in their respective fields, that’s why we created the Junior Board. For busy, yet dedicated, professionals who can Project Exploration help grow its donor base and create a network for young minds by connecting them to our communities.

What are the perks?


Share in the amazing PE network of alumni, partners, and providers


Connect and support youth interest in STEM

What’s the commitment?


Ten Meetings Annually

Attend at least 75% of those meetings, in person or virtually

On Your Own Time

Dedicate 8 hours annually to skill based work on your own time

Attend Events

Volunteer or attend at least 1 fundraising and 1 youth-centered events

Annual Dues

Give or Get a yearly contribution


Connect with our communities quarterly by:

  • Mentoring for youth in programs
  • Helping out in our Native Plant Research Garden
  • Attending STEM Family Night at the West Side STEM Learning Center
  • Creating monthly STEMKits


The JB is tasked with organizing specific projects, including those of its own design.

Examples include:

  • Coordinating silent auction fundraiser
  • Increasing social media presence
  • Analyzing yearly reports
  • Ideating program content
  • Mentoring specific youth
  • Designing marketing content


Throughout the year events include:

  • Junior Board Retreat
  • Reflection of Knowledge
  • Science of Wine
  • Boeing Launch Lab
  • STEMBus Pop-Up

Apply to be a jB Member


Submissions are being accepted for the Sept 2020 – Aug 2021 term
Apply by August 20th, 2020.

Questions about the Junior Board can be sent to

Help our Youth Take Flight

We believe that STEM has the power to:

To steer youth from violence.
To break the cycle of poverty.
To make bright futures possible.

And you can help!

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