Longtime PE student Shelby shares her experience as a student assistant with fellow PE alum Hope. 

As girls begin to enter their teenage years, they tend to prioritize what society wants them to. Fortunately, there are groups, like Sisters4Science, that are ready to guide them through this difficult phase. During the Spring program, S4S allowed Hope and myself to work with a group of amazing girls at the Boys and Girls club located in Pilsen. Our first day was a bit quiet since the girls didn’t know everyone in the class including their instructors.

First day jitters

First day jitters

Hope and I understood how difficult it was to speak in front of a group we knew nothing about so we decided to have ice breakers here and there throughout the day: random questions, sharing circle, and many more. As a teenager all one wants to do is meet new friends, and this is what we did with the girls. Throughout the week, we shared our recreation time and space with GoIT, which was the perfect scenario to make new friends and to create new bonds. Since Monday was the program’s first day, many didn’t know each other so we decided to start off with a get-to-know- each-other type of game. S4S and GoIT created a circle and we all then shared something bad and something good that had happened to us. Not only did they had to share and interact with the group as a whole, but they also had to introduce themselves before passing the ball of power.

Team building with goIT

Team building with goIT

Besides really getting to know each other, the girls worked on getting to know themselves as the future leaders they are. We began to discuss how the media and how society influences their interests and hobbies. The girls used fashion, beauty, and gossip magazines to create an image that displayed a perfect woman based on what society demands. They then created an image of women who do not follow these demands. Each group had four members, which meant that they had to communicate , therefore creating new bonds. After they were done, each group had to present in front of the whole class; the results were just fantastic. Kenia from group number one said:

“Women are seen as the weaker sex because they say that we are very emotional. Also, they are expected to just be home taking care of their kids and husbands. Not all women are like that though, some work and then they come home to help their kids with their homework, like my mom.”

Then Catherine responded with, “No, not all women just stay home, some do both, but they are still not seen as the “boss” of the house but just as a helper to the father.”

Everyone’s in depth discussions met Hope’s and my expectations!

S4S also gave us the opportunity to meet awesome scientists and role models. Our first scientist for the week was Louesa. She went over the scientific method while doing something fun and delicious: baking a cake! Once again the girls met, and maybe exceeded, our expectations.

Thank you Louesa!  We had a blast!!!

Thank you Louesa! We had a blast!!!

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