Before sharing our final moments, it is very sad to say it is our last week in Summer Explore.  Our students this summer have been an enthusiastic, hard-working, and intelligent group!  They have worked amazingly together and really made this program great!

Our final project, the Court Presentation as a part of Reflection of Knowledge.  Our forensic students have been scheduled to present the case we have investigated at the Daley Courthouse on Wednesday morning.  For our last rehearsal, we were very blessed to have a Cook County Public Defender join us on Monday afternoon.  Mr. Sam Morgan was trying so hard to defend the suspected killer, Ms. Bonnie Capone as our students were pursuing her as our killer.  Mr. Morgan was pushing us to prove that she is the killer by asking us some critical questions that defense attorneys use like a trick.  We were shocked being asked such questions, but our students started taking the whole process seriously.  Later in the session, Mr. Morgan encouraged each one of us to start thinking what they’d like to major and what field they’d like to work.  Such an amazing inspirational lesson for our students!

Wednesday has finally come.  Yes, it is our last day and a big day as well!  Our forensic students were privileged to present our case before Judge Walker at Daley Courthouse, Chicago Downtown.  Five of our students dressed up like a state-lawyer and waited on the first floor to be guided.  Right at 11:00am, we were called to be in the Room 2001.  Everyone was quietly sitting until the Judge Walker came in.  “All stand,” commanded the court sheriff.  The Judge Walker commanded us to present ourselves first.  As we all practiced, we stated out name and our job title: “My name is Bori Kim. K. I. M. I’m a STEM facilitator at Project Exploration.”  The Judge ordered our students to sit at the lawyers’ table facing the jury’s table.  Standing at the mini-podium, Shemaree, our intern presented the case with the opening statement.  Then each of our forensic students presented their part of the case.  Tanaya as an officer.  Jocelyn as an evidence presenter. Oliver as a weapon and fingerprint specialist with Dakari as a forensic boiologist.  The Judge Walker was very impressed, he told them, “Excellent job!” For about half an hour, our forensic students had Q & A session with the Judge Walker.  He was very honest with the students and responded every single question our students had asked.  Judge Walker has been witnessing so many people commit a suicide when or after they go through life-struggles.  Judge Walker taught us a life lesson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, suicide is not an option.  Never.  Things get better each time you go through struggles and make you stronger.”  Truth has been said!

Here’s our amazing group of students, staff, and the honorable Judge Walker:

Week 5 - a

Back to our room, we had a pizza party to celebrate our amazing summer work and the crews were certified as Forensic Investigators.  Thank you very much all Forensic Investigators for your hard work!

I have been beyond blessed working with our amazing forensic students this summer.  Plus, with the most wonderful staff members ever at Project Exploration.  I would love to send special thanks to each one of our staff members. Our Executive Director Ms. Natasha Smith-Walker, the fabulous leader ever I have met.  Our Program Director Ms. Syda Taylor, a wonderful person like Vitamin C that I need every morning.  Our Program Manger Miss Jacki Carmichael, an amazing teaching mentor who has rescued me from the deep dark ocean.  Our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Tanya who always brings laugh we need each day.  Without these “behind-scenes” ladies, our forensic students and I couldn’t have made it through at all.  Thank you very much again for your amazing support

Some final pictures of our great last days with our forensic students:

Week 5 - d Week 5 - b Week 5 - g Week 5 - f Week 5 - c

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