Good afternoon to all! Third week of our program at Funston Elementary School was super fun! It was the first week where it was not all paperwork for the girls so I was a little nervous to start. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Today’s lesson was about Evolution, more specifically Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I asked the girls if they had any idea what evolution was and they answered that they did not. That is when the lesson started! I had created a worksheet that broke down the theory in a way that the girls could understand. I asked a few pop questions here and there and it seemed like they were getting the hang of it!

Brainstorming what their animals are going to look like!

Brainstorming what their animals are going to look like!

The activity for today was called Build-A-Beast. It consisted of five categories that had different subcategories that could describe an environment. Within that environment, the girls had to create an imaginary animal that could live in the environment and highlight the superior traits. So many girls were super creative with their animals. Some of them were: The CatLion, DinoFish, and Unicorn Bat Bear. I had nothing but fun today. The girls were super energetic and I love that energy in the room. Cannot wait for the next week!

What kind of animal would you make?

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