Happy Halloween explorers! I sure do hope that it a fun and safe day for you all! Sisters4Science at Frederick Funston Elementary School had a special scientist come in today! Dr. Arangassery Rosemary Bastian, from Northwestern University, came to class to teach us about polymers and its many wonders. Our session started a little late due to super traffic so before hand we swapped stories about what the girls had planned after the program. Many of them were going trick-or-treating, but others decided to just have a sleepover with their other friends.

Oct 31 -5

Once Dr. Rosemary arrived, the girls were excited for what was about to come. She decided that since the lesson was about polymers, why not have the girls make their own slime! And since it was Halloween, the color of the slime was a ‘ghouly green’. The materials that are used were: Elmer’s glue, water, borax, and green dye. They not only had one, but two experiments. The materials for this experiment was: a balloon and a bolt. The bolt was placed inside the balloon and you had to fill the balloon up with air. When closing it, the girls swished the balloon and the bolt created a super scary noise. The girls then drew a scary face on the balloon to complete the look. I must admit, I took a scary balloon home with me as well. Success at our session this week!

Student preparing to make their own slime!

Ewww! Slime!

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