Jan 24 - 2 Jan 24 - 8Welcome to Destination Chicago!! On January 24th, 2015, Project Exploration was privileged to team up with many different organizations at this great event provided by the Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) and Hive Chicago, at Jones College Prep High School. We gave the students from all over Chicago a chance to test their curiosity in criminal science with our Forensic Science summer program. We even had a real Forensic Scientist there too!  Lisa Gilbert, from the Illinois State Police Department – Forensic Science Center, was very helpful in really showing the kids how fun her career is. She even taught our facilitators a thing or two on her work with latent prints!!

We received a really great crowd and a lot of students were interested in learning about our program. We can thank the popular show CSI for that! Our program will definitely allow students to see how it really works with investigating crime scenes and how it feels to be detectives as well. Lisa and our Forensics facilitator, Bori Kim, were very informative and answered any questions students and parents had. Also the great thing about our program, we are even giving the opportunity to BECOME A FACILITATOR. This is a chance for college students to give back and help youth to learn what forensic science is really all about, outside of the ‘Hollywood’ magic of CSI. Teachers were very impressed and we also have had interests from other schools for Project Exploration to bring more fun lessons about science. Jan 24 - 22

Jan 24 - 17This event was a great way for Project Exploration to showcase that science is not all about lectures, but a way students can become scientists no matter the age and even bring a possibility of them studying science in college. Our team truly had a great time getting the students excited about science and something they can look forward to for the summer time.

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