On January 10, 2015, our wonderful Sisters4Science STEM facilitators and staff attended our Winter Training Session, at Northeastern Illinois University on the North Side, which included training in the TrueChild curriculum that will be implemented in programs this session!  The TrueChild presenter was Dr. Marci Eads, Principal at Health Management Associates, who took the time to fly out from Colorado to join us! TrueChild is an organization that helps programs such as Sisters4Science to be informed about gender norms and how to confront them.

As young women facilitators teaching young girls moving to their teens and going through puberty, this training provided us with some strategies to answer young girls’ questions about gender norms, with a focus on female norms in the STEM fields and careers. During this training, staff practiced various activities, including “Who Am I? What Would I like To Do With My Life?,” which encourages the girls to reflect on how young women and girls construct their identities and life plans, and the importance of having a positive sense of themselves.

TrueChild training provided us with a great foundation for teaching young girls about gender norms.  We would really like to thank Dr. Marci Eads for coming all the way from Colorado to Chicago to perform this training for us!

The training ended with some updates on information that will be included during programs happening during the Spring sessions of Sisters4Science, including new scientist details.  There was also a discussion about all the exciting events happening during the next few months, including our Women in Science Luncheon happening in March, as well as our annual Girls Health and Science Day that will be planned for the end of March!

Overall, it was a great day full of useful information, some organizational bonding, and a lot of fun!

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