On Saturday, February 28th, our Ten80 program teams from 4 schools (Gage Park High School; World Language High School; Infinity Math, Science, and Technology High School; and Carl Schurz High School) traveled to Illinois Institute of Technology to participate in the Ten80 Chicago Regional Racing Invitational!  Our teams arrived ready to compete and prepared to show what they’ve been working so hard to do!  The day consisted of several different races, some timed and some where laps were counted, and the teams also had to present speeches discussing details related to their logos, names, and research that has been conducted during their program time! We were so proud of all our teams and beyond excited when 2 teams from Gage Park, the Hot Hares and Retro Racers, placed 1st and 3rd place, respectively, for the day!  This accomplishment granted them an invitation to the National Competition in Houston! We are so excited!

We’ve collaborated with our team leaders at Gage Park to bring together a post describing the day from their perspectives! Enjoy!

Hot Hares (Placed 1st for the day!)

photo 1 (1)The Saturday of the competition went amazing. It went way better than expected. Once we arrived at IIT, all the pressure slowly started to slither into my team and I.  We knew we worked really hard on everything and we could not mess up that day. I participated in Ten80 during my junior year so I knew how the vibe during the competition could be. It was completely different this year. Every team seemed to be more prepared than the year before. I let my team know and that pressured my team to be even better than we expected. The other team leaders and I shook hands and wished each other luck since we are all really close friends. Once the event started everyone knew their roles and how to complete them. My team was really good at listening to instructions and helping each other when someone needed help. I believe that is a reason we were really successful. I felt like I was running everywhere checking up on all of my teammates. I had to make sure my drivers were concentrated and ready. The driving part always seems to stress me out the most. I knew my drivers were really good at driving, but once someone hits my team car and it loses control, everyone on my team knew those seconds were crucial and we had to regain them at one point. Throughout the races I had to motivate my drivers but also tell them to relax so they wouldn’t be nervous during the race. They coped with the pressure really well. Better than I expected. After all the presentations and race events that took place finished  my team came together and congratulated each other on all the hard work that we had accomplished. The other two team leaders from Gage Park and I came together and had a short conversation on how we believed we did. We all felt confident on our team efforts. After lunch we had the award ceremony. Those minutes had my heart pounding. I was hoping that my team would place at least 3rd. Once the team of the other team leader from Gage Park won 3rd place overall we all congratulated his team. The second place team was announced and then came first. When it was announced that my team the Hot Hares won 1st place everyone on my team went crazy. There were hugs being shared everywhere. I personally didn’t know how to process the moment. I had never been a winner of something so big like a Ten80 event. The best part was when one of my teammates shed a tear of joy. That moment has brought us closer then we already were. It feels really amazing to be a Team Leader of a winning team of the Ten80 Chicago Invitational.

Retro Racers (placed 3rd for the day!)

Retro Racers 2On the 28th of February, the Retro Racers competed in their first Ten80 race!  For many this was a brand new experience which engaged many us and even enhanced our skills that go hand to hand and are incorporated on a day to day basis in many work fields the skills such science, technology , engineering and last but not least mathematics (STEM for short)!photo 3 (1)

Furthermore the whole competition was an amazing experience to see other people who share the same interests as one, as well as peers it was truly something fascinating. The competition scored us in our business plan, graphic design, research, and of course our racing.
We were all kinda nervous about the whole competition, we had the mentality that we weren’t going to win but as long as we had a good time worked together it wouldn’t of mattered; but to our surprise, we won third place!  We were all completely shocked, to say the least. As well as wining the the third place trophy, we also acquired an invitation to go to Houston Texas to compete in the nationals championship which sounds like an awesome opportunity to travel! We are excited continue working as a team and continuing education through hard work and dedication.

Road Warriors

photo 2 (2)I felt like the event on Saturday was great! Through the event I was able to learn lessons that I will never be forgotten. Being a leader of a team really does teach you a lot. You have to learn to be efficient, patient, and assertive. The first event of the day for my team was the Q&A of the Data Driven Design project. When the judges came and we started presenting I was confident in my teammates that they were going to do a great job. There was a moment where things got a tad messy. However, we were able to get past that and keep moving forward. After that event the first race started, he placed in the top 5. We weren’t worried, we knew there was many more to come. When it was time for the team presentation, we went out there and presented to the best of our ability. Now all that was left was the two races. In the ten minute race, my driver started off slow but as the race continued he pushed it and kept on improving his performance. At this point of the day most of my teammates and I knew that there was only one thing left and that was the endurance race. So we all crossed our fingers and waited patiently with anxiety till the race began. I had already talked to the mechanics to come up with a strategy to have more time on the track and less time in the pit area. Sure enough things don’t always go as planned when you’re on the track. At the start of the race my drivers strategy was to try and keep a good pace. With a few incidents in the course that caused major time loss, my driver fell behind. He tried his best to get back on the lead but there was much struggle. At the end of the day, we were exhausted and no matter what the outcome was I was proud of what my teammates and I accomplished. I’ll say one thing; there is no place where I see much craziness and mayhem in such a short time!

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