Monday, April 13th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Bori Kim

The year is reaching close to its end and our spring midterm training is here.  On Monday evening, our STEM facilitators gathered together to share updates from each school and to prepare upcoming events together.   We have two big, wonderful events coming in May.

Jacki Carmichael, Program Manager at Project Exploration, generously offered her place and snacks for this training.  She opened up the meeting with icebreaker questions.

“Did you do something fun over the spring break? What is it?”

“With no degree or training required, what would like to become (career-wide)?”

Alondra shared hers first, who was sitting at the corner then it went clockwise.  Nurse. Forensic Anthropologist like Dr. Brennan (We all love Dr. Brennan and want to be her once in our life). Zoo Keeper or Animal Trainer. Dentist. Writer.  Neurosurgeon. Such a variety of responses and loved hearing different careers that we could do in our world J  Without degrees or trainings, it would be so much easier to become what we want to be.

Let’s discuss what is to be done towards the end.  Above all else, the most important thing to do is Student Intake forms and Pre-Surveys.  These two must be collected!  Most of students have turned in, but there is still some missing and we should really work on this.  So we came up with some wonderful ideas of how to collect these forms at this point.  Work with school coordinators.  Present on a report card pick-up day.  Call the parents.  Treats for those who bring the forms in on time.  Yes, we want a relationship with the parents as well.  Parents are such a great resource to make this program better, even more organized.

Excited News is here!  “Girl’s Health and Science Day” and “Reflection of Knowledge” (ROK) are our two end of the year events!  Girl’s Health and Science Day is one of the PE’s annual events for middle school girls.  Each year, over 150 girls from 6 or 7 schools gather together and experience such meaningful workshops, like healthy diet, physical exercise, social media, and self-defense education.  Yes, there are adult-only workshops for teachers and chaperones as well.  Girl’s Health and Science Day is Friday, May 22.  This event will be held at University of Chicago.

Another big event is ROK.  “Reflection of Knowledge” is another annual event that all Sisters4Science girls gather to reflect on their learning over the year.  We do this by schools at each school site in December as an individual ROK session, but May is for a big Sisters4Science culminating event!  Like a family gathering on Thanksgiving.  Girls from each school share their learning experience by exhibiting their experiments or presenting most meaningful activities.  Families and all scientists are welcome to join us on Friday, May 29.  This event will be held at one of our partner organization locations, The Anti-Cruelty Society on in the Chicago Loop!

Jacki went over logistics that we should know so that we can be well prepared for these big events.  We have only a month away from our big party in May so for the rest of our Sisters4Science sessions are planned to prep the event.  Can’t wait to see what students bring in J

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