The week before thanksgiving break, on November 2, the girls left with a sugar rush. This week’s STEM visitor was Dr. McCord, who received her PhD at the University of Chicago in ecology. To start of the day Dr. McCord gave each table three random candies. As soon as she set the candies down Nov 4 - 2you could see their eyes lit up and a smile from ear to ear formed. Then the words “scientific method” came out of Dr. McCord’s mouth and some girls knew what she meant, while other girls didn’t. She explained to the girls that the scientific method is important for creating and exploring scientific questions.

To get started she told the girls to explore the scientific method by creating their own experiment with only the candies that were  provided at their table. At Alexis, Sofia, and Maria’s table they had three sets of M&M’s. One peanut butter filled, pretzel filled and one regular. For their experiment they decided to see if each bag of M&M’s had the same amount of each color present. Alexis explains to me that they think their hypothesis is that each bag had the same amount of colors present.

Afterwards they find out that their hypothesis was wrong. At Oasis, Xitatali, Sofia and Brenda’s table they had Jelly beans and skittles. For their experiment they decided to see which jelly bean flavor was liked the most among their table. They set up their data as a t-chart with each flavor under it’s own column and tally marks to show how many people liked that color. There were some flavors that the girls did not like. Oasis said “I can’t believe people actually like Jelly beans. Skittles are so much better,” while she had a sour face on. At Michelle, Laura and Yosilyn’s table they had honey roasted almonds, juicy fruit and orbit gum.

For their experiment they decided to see which candy is the class’s favorite and why. It turned out to be the orbit gum. While Yosilyn was gathering information she tells me “I can’t believe people don’t like these nuts; they’re so good!” The girls had the best of time. They especially loved eating all the candy! They can’t wait to make another scientific method and dig deeper into other unanswered questions.

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