On Saturday November 7, the Science Giants took a field trip to Brookfield Zoo. The day started early but everyone was excited to get going. Our day started with a meeting with the Brookfield Zoo King Scholars. The Scholars are working hard on planning a teen conference for this summer, and the Science Giants were able to help give their input on what kind of activities they would want to see at the conference. After this meeting Nov 9 - 1and exchange of ideas, we were able to see the greenhouses where Brookfield Zoo staff rehabs plants after they have been used in an exhibit so they can be placed in other exhibits again. The coolest plants we saw, were the banana trees the zoo received as a donation that they are rehabbing to grow bananas for the gorillas to play with and eat. We spent a while in the monkey house exploring. While we were in a different room we could hear the Gibbons howling at each other. It was so loud! Later we found out that they were most likely howling to establish their territory. The gorillas were our favorite animals that we saw. They were very active while we were there. There are two young gorillas, Nora and Zachary. “She is acting like a little human!” exclaimed Ahleeah watching Nora play and annoy her mother for more food. We actually almost missed seeing little baby Zachary, since he is only a few months old he was being held close to his mother and you could barely see his little head peaking out. After lunch, the Animal Encounter Ambassadors came to the classroom. We got to meet Elsie, the sloth and Athena, the owl. Elsie was slow moving and we were all shocked to learn that despite eating only leaves she has extremely sharp teeth to defend herself. “Why does she move so slow?” asked Melvina, the handler answered that because their metabolism is so slow they move slow to preserve energy, but if the sloth was threatened it could move faster to protect itself. Athena was a large horned owl and despite not being able to fly she was able to spread her wings and flap them and it surprised pretty much all of them, Kayla fell to the floor in shock to hide from the owl. Towards end the day we were able to wander the zoo for an hour and we got to feed baby goats, and see the dolphins. To conclude an amazing day at the zoo, as we were walking up to the lion exhibit the male lion awoke and began roaring as loud as he could! It was amazing and we learned that he does this when he wakes up to scare away potential threats to the pride. I was just surprised the lions were awake! Out of all the times I have been to the zoo, the lions have been napping the day away! The day was overall very educational but we also had a lot of fun learning together.

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