Funston Elementary: another winter Reflection of Knowledge has come. Time is surely flying, but we don’t want to miss celebrating the girls’ amazing work over the semester. The girls have learned so much and have had so much fun with wonderful scientists and field trips. Two weeks before the celebration, the girls and I started prepping presentations. The girls got into groups and began to plan out what they would like to present or demonstrate. Below is the blueprint from each group:

Melissa’s group: Plastic Milk

Lizvette’s group: Fizz Balloon

Niyah’s group: Building a Motor

Each group created their presentation on a poster board and shared their portions of presentation, such as materials, hypothesis, procedures, and results. I had them write their scripts on index-cards so that they may use them if needed. The girls were so excited to decorate their poster boards and were absolutely ready to present until I announced something. “Your families and friends are coming to see you present and Boys4Science will be joining us and celebrating with us next week.” As soon as I completed my sentence, the questions and comments were popping up. “Are they, really?” “Are we competing with the boys?” “I can’t do this in front of the boys.” Some were excited to hear the news; a few were a bit annoyed (they were probably shy to work with the boys). “Ok, girls. This is just a celebration where everyone has a chance to share their work. You don’t have to stress out yourselves over boys. You all will be fine.” I reassured them. Our final Wednesday had come–December 16. The girls made it to the rehearsal right on time! Most looked so confident and excited for this celebration.

“Miss Bori, we are ready. We got this!” said Niyah.

“That’s fantastic! You have two more minutes. Please clean up your tables. We need to move up to the library.”

As we entered the library, Boys4Science was getting ready with their planes. We couldn’t wait to see their work as well. Miss Carmichael opened up our celebration with a photo slide-show and Melissa from Sisters4Science gave an opening speech. Then, here was our time. Each group presented what they’ve learned over the semester and why they love Sisters4Science so much. It was interesting to hear from all and see their different insights! The students shared their passion with their presentations and words.

“I love it because girls get to do science.” “I like Sisters4Science. I’m learning science is fun.” “I like Sisters4Science because I get to meet scientists.”

Boys4Science shared their engineering project that they had done with planes. Each student demonstrated how they have created designs and how those designs would help planes perform better. Though they were bit rowdy, everyone did an excellent job! Even the shyest of students did a wonderful job! I saw smiles all over the parents’ faces. They must proud of their children. We cannot wait for another full load in the spring semester!

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