Before Winter break at Funston students shared with peers, parents, and school staff their projects at the Reflections of Knowledge showcase. One by one they introduced themselves to the audience and shared their experience while assembling, coding, and working in different teams. “I met new friends, won challenges, and led a group of boys” said proudly Ashley, a 7th grader. Roberto shared how much fun he had assembling and coding. The two siblings Daniel and Melissa Alfaro worked together with Nichole and were always assertive and completed the challenges on time. Jorge Galicia and his team, described in detail the different challenges he accomplished before any other team; he also helped other teams whenever they struggled with coding commands or sharing just acquired skills. Once we finished with individual introductions, team leaders took their robots and placed them in the floor where the robot’s challenge was to reach each side of the frame using the color sensor, spatial rotation, and speed, since the facilitator was timing the challenge. This was an exciting experience for each team as they watched with awe how their robots move and find the color-line that would make them turn around and look for the next color-line. While the robots were moving students explain to us all what kind commands they programmed into the robot. They explain the color sensor and how it recognize color blue for this specific challenge. Reflections of knowledge finished with a dance where robots moved synchronized then small variations of the code let the robots to move randomly around the room. What started as a perfect synch dance evolved into a wild dance where each robot reflected individually every exercise the students code during our ten-week program.

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