Is there anything more compelling than flying? the facilitator asked.

Dreaming! replied a student.

What about flying to a place you dream about? asked the facilitator.

You mean vacations? Asked one student.

Or to work, or to study… suggested the facilitator.

Or to do nothing, shouted one student.

Everyone laughed.

Yes, what if you can build your own flying device to go somewhere then once you get tired of that place you build one to return home or go somewhere else? Said the facilitator.

How can you build your own flying device? asked Luis.

We will explore the basic structure of a plane so we can build our own.

Materials along with instructions were distributed, each student assembled its own plane using: cardboard folder, straws or wood sticks, tape, and some glue. Once the planes were finished, the instructor explained the different forms of energy and how we humans can store it for specific uses. In this case the balloons were used to propel the cardboard plane and ‘fall with style’ as Edwin said. During the reflections of knowledge most teens shared the different things considered when designing and building a flying object. Weight, length, and different tweaks that support or define the route of the flying device. Cockpit, landing and takeoff flaps, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, direction flaps were explained by the students and shared with the audience in our reflections of knowledge the last week of class before winter break at Funston.

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