Jan 27 - 4Good day everyone! Sisters4Science is back at Funston Elementary. Let me tell you, the program started in full swing! This past month, the girls had a chance to meet with Dr. Croom, a 3D printer specialist, on Wednesday January 27th! The girls were super excited to be able to not only see a 3D printer in action, but also get to talk to someone who is very familiar with this technology. Dr. Croom started off her presentation by asking the girls if any of them knew what a 3D printer was. Many had said that they saw the machines at the store. Dr. Croom then went along to tell the girls about how she got started with 3D printer. She currently has her own 3D printing business called: Vets in 3D. She explained to the girls what the term “vets” was: which is can mean veterinary and a veteran. The girls had no idea that those who had served in the military were called vets! After explaining a little about herself, Dr. Croom showed the girls the 3D printer. At that time, it was in the process of printing a special surprise that Dr. Croom had. With her, Dr. Croom brought along some things that she sold in her business. She brought along some key chains, which had unique names on them. Dr. Croom then introduced the question of: “What is one way that science can benefit from 3D printing?” One of the girls, Melissa, said: “Maybe they can make bones from 3D printing”. Dr. Croom praised her and said that she was so close! One way that 3D printing can help science is that instead of dissecting a dead frog, that they can create a frog with a 3D printer. And SWISH! She removes a towel from the center of the table and there was an example of a frog that can be used instead of a dead frog. The girls were super amazed. Before leaving, Dr. Croom has every girl create their own name for a 3D necklace. All of the girls personalized their name. Although there wasn’t much time, Dr. Croom took the design templates and promised to send the girls their necklaces as soon as finishes them. At the end, the surprise that Dr. Croom had printing on the machine was a Project Exploration key chain. The girls had so much fun with Dr. Croom. They were amazed at the 3D printing and how it could benefit even the science field. Thank you so much to Dr. Croom for bringing such a great and interactive activity for the girls! Till next time!

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