IMG_4978The final weeks of the fall season came up fast and the girls had to prepare for their WOW! Presentations! The WOW! is similar to the normal Reflection of Knowledge that we do at Sisters 4 Science, which is a way for the girls to reflect on all of the cool science they’ve learned over the past couple of months. The girls were all excited to be able to show their family and friends everything they’ve done, and while some may have been a little nervous to get up in front of an audience to speak, we were able to practice our presentations so that the girls were comfortable with their public speaking skills. The girls were able to split up into groups and choose which experiment they wanted to present. Of the experiments that we did this season, the girls were mostly interested in either how to make slime or the DNA demonstration. Sheneka said that she wanted to present on slime because “it was cool how everyday items like glue and starch joined together to make slime.” Very true – it’s funny to see how the things we use every day can make a science experiment! As for the DNA, the girls seemed to be excited about the prospect of getting to use candy again to make their models. Alana even said, “I wish our real DNA was made of candy!”

When practicing their public speaking, I asked the girls what they thought made for a good presentation. Angel said that it’s important to speak loudly and try to make eye contact with the audience. Dajah said that the girls should use pictures so that audience members would remain interested. All good points! All in all, the girls posters came out looking great and their WOW! practices were awesome! The WOW! is the perfect opportunity to teach others about what they’ve learned and the girls were well prepared to show off their new scientific knowledge. What a way to end the season!

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