ROK - Dec 10 - 4On December 10th the Science Giants wrapped up a wonderful semester with our Reflections of Knowledge. Natasha Walker, Chinelle Burrage, and Mr. Kosko from Al Raby joined us for our presentation. Unfortunately, our After School Matters program managers, Chris Nergaard and Luis Meza got stuck in horrendous traffic and were there to talk to some of the students when we were cleaning up after the program. The students had been preparing for two weeks for this presentation, and though nervous everyone was excited to share what they had learned over the year. Each student selected three of their favorite plants, one from each room, to highlight during the presentation. The week before the presentations was spent at the conservatory taking pictures of the plants and doing lots of research on their favorite plants to ensure they could describe their plants with enough detail. The week of the program was spent doing the more fun and creative part of the program. The students teamed up and created six beautiful boards that represented the three rooms we learned about. Joanne spent almost 2 hours tediously cutting out every single bubble letter for the heading of her Sugar from the Sun room board. When Melvin and Melvina were making their children’s garden board they said they wanted to make it “fun and child like” and they included big exaggerated flowers, and even included the green slide from the children’s garden!

Right before the presentations started, I think I was more nervous than the students were and Shenise turned to me and said “Don’t worry, we got this Miss Meg.” And they did, each student spoke confidently and taught our guests some things they never knew. Miss Burrage never knew that cucumbers were plants, and Natasha was shocked to find out that a pineapple is actually many little fruits that are just fused together. It was so great to see how much the students had learned through out the year, and I cannot wait for next session to start so we can learn even more!

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