Mar 22 - 3Let the race begin! On Tuesday, January 26, goIT now Codesters started fresh! New to the team is Cornel Darden Jr. He is joining us as our new STEM Facilitator for the program. With an open mind and excited faces, we start off the new semester with the wonderful kids at Funston Elementary. Having a new STEM Facilitator was a shock to the kids, but they loved Cornel! We started the program by asking everyone what they did over winter break. One of the most heard responses was: “Watch television and play video games”. These statements of video games lead us into our next area: programming. Cornel introduced himself to the class and told everyone a little about himself. He worked with another Project Exploration program during the summer and is super awesome with technology and coding. From then, we began by creating our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is a list of rules that the students create. They list things that they want everyone to follow for every single program. One of my favorite rules was to “have fun!” I love knowing that although the kids want to learn, they want to learn in an interactive and fun way! Cornel then started asking our students what they knew about hacking. Many of the students shouted things like: “someone who hacks into people’s computer” or they mentioned the group known as Anonymous. With a smooth transition, Cornel began by teaching the difference between “hacking” and “cracking”. The good kind is called “hacking” while the bad kind is “cracking”. The kids were amazed at the fact that there was actually a good kind of hacking. They thought that hacking was just bad as a whole. To end the day, Cornel introduced the new curriculum that the students would be working on: Python. Python is a programming system that the kids will learn how to use. Instead of him going on about what Python is, Cornel asked the students that when they get home to google “Python” and to write some notes down. The next class, they would all discuss what they found out about the programming system. The kids were definitely looking forward to the next class! Until then!

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