Jan 28 - 4The girls from Orozco came back with even more excitement to start up our spring session. This past week we had a very special visitor, Dr. Turnera Croom. Dr. Croom is a veteran, doctor of veterinary medicine as well as a professional in 3D printing. This past week on January 28th the girls from Orozco came in to the room to see an unfamiliar object. The girls had no idea what was in store for today as I told them “it will be a surprise, but you guys will definitely enjoy it!” Dr. Croom started off with allowing the girls to take a look at her 3D printer. They were all in an awe. None of them had previously seen a 3D printer before, so for them to actually see one was mind blowing. Then to be able to make something of their own to print was the cherry on top. Dr. Croom was able to describe and show them how the 3D printer worked, she even shared a little secret with Oasis whom glowed up when she found out the secret. Lissette was so amazed that she even asked if she can make her own phone case from the 3D printer. Dr. Croom replied with a “yes!” The girls also viewed the anatomy of a frog that was printed from the 3D printer. They were able to see where the lungs, liver, stomach, intestines and heart where located. Then the girls moved over to a computer where they were able to create their own name tag, phone case, dog or anything else they had in mind. This was where they were able to showcase their creativity. Maria and Oasis were eager to get started on their project. Oasis decided to print her name. Maria decided to go all out and add diamonds and hearts on her name. Daisy told me “I want to make a necklace so I can give one to my best friend.” So on her necklace she had BFF printed in the middle of a heart. At the end of the session the girls left knowing they created their own 3D object and can not wait to receive them from Dr. Croom!

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