IMG_6109On a beautiful Saturday morning of February 27th, the Sisters4Science girls at Funston Elementary were ready to start the day! Northwestern was hosting their annual Engineering Day. This event is for middle school and high school girls that are interested in learning more about engineering. The S4S Funston girls rode along with the S4S Orozco girls. They were able to meet and make friends with the other girls from our program. Once we arrived, the host of the day started the girls with a super fun activity. They were supposed to make a mini golf ball slide down from the balcony to the ground floor on a clear wire. The S4S Funston girls all joined together and created a really simple, yet efficient way to have the golf ball slide. Once they completed it, they raced it alongside other groups’ creation. In the first round, the girls won first place. It was amazing to see!

After the competition, the girls were given a tour of three main areas of the university. They explored the mysteries of physics and a bit of chemistry. The professors presented the idea of illusions. My favorite part was seeing the girls say “Woah, I didn’t think it was real!” It was so good to see that. They also had the chance to explore the material sciences lab and a laser lab. Continuing the day, the girls were able to meet other girls from different schools and work together to invent things. Another year, another successful day. The girls definitely had a great time!

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