Mar 14 - 2Spring in Chicago brings with it high winds, random snow flurries, and torrential downpours. Some how through this, new plant life sprouts up all around us. From the first little green buds on the trees, to the little green sprouts of daffodils poking through the snow. The Science Giants at Al Raby are excited to get started on March 14th, we will get to continue exploring the amazing Garfield Park Conservatory and will be able to give a full tour of the Conservatory by the end of the semester. We will also be learning about springtime in Chicago. At Al Raby there are a few small gardens that have become overrun with weeds and garbage. At the end of the winter semester the students and I decided that we wanted to help fix up these gardens this spring. We will be learning about plants that are native to the Chicagoland area and planting them in these gardens. We would love show the community a small sample of what springtime in Chicago may have looked like before the settlers came here.

This is an exciting time for the Science Giants, the ten students who finished the program with us in the winter have all decided to return! We will have the opportunity to add five amazing new students to our program. The new students are all excited to get started, while the old students are excited to help take on the responsibility of helping teach the new students what Science Giants is all about. During interviews I was able to touch base with the returning students and it was great to hear how excited they were to get started. Jabria had a bunch of great ideas of things she would like to do this semester, “for the new students could we do the fruit lab we did last semester, but outside as a picnic!?” It was exciting to see how they were not only glad we were starting again, but had ideas of how to include the new students!

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