Feb 23 - 4Since joining the Codesters program I have to say that it has been an exciting adventure. All of my years of learning code I have known the industry to be a male dominating industry but the young ladies in my class are mastering the languages. Writing computer code has always been known to be a male dominant industry; all computer languages today are founded by men. Recently Eugenia and I had the kids learning Python a very popular and versatile language with much success in today’s apps and webpages. The young ladies in the class are going above and beyond the guys in the class and are completing the lessons quicker than expected. I was swooned by these actions because the technology industry is growing and the Codesters can see the different career paths in the field. Knowing how to read and write one language can help you read and understand other languages as well. I was showing an example of the Codesters website and asking the class what do the language was written in, without any research somebody shouted out the answer. It was exciting knowing that all of my hard work was being put to use on educating the kids far beyond the classroom.

The Museum of Science and Industry trip in February was a great trip for the Codesters. All of the kids were excited and had a chance to see all of the modern things the world has to offer today. One of the kids’ favorite part of the museum was the thunder and lightning exhibit. The exhibit deeply emphasized how thunder was created and how loud it was in a closed enclosure. Also, the exhibit showed how tornadoes were formed and the amount of damage the tornadoes do to communities in a live demonstration. The museum was able to offer multiple exhibits but some made the Codesters wanting to stay around like the old street exhibit. On the exhibit the Codesters got to see Walgreens and what it looked like before there were multiple locations that we know of today. Towards the beginning of the tour there was a space exhibit that showed the evolution of spaceships and the attire required to travel. Codesters were dubious about the size of the spaceships and how much money is required for a possibly successful launch. They even got to see the recently created space company Space X that recently launched and landed the first rocket ever in December.

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