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On Wednesday April 20th, Kelly and Andrelina from Motorola Mobility taught us how important it really is to test a product, and to do your research. We started off the day up on our feet answering questions as loud as we could to wake us up, the loudest response by far was if we prefer cats or dogs, dogs obviously won.

We learned a lot about different factors that go into deciding how a product is made, and how much it will cost. Kelly had Mr. Motoboto, who was built with all the highest quality pieces, but was determined to be to expensive. We had to weigh the pros and cons of switching to a few lower quality pieces in order to lower the cost of the item. Taneeyah helped us decide “100 dollars isn’t that much, so it is ok to keep one more expensive arm and one less expensive arm.”

We learned that sometimes even if the less expensive option might be from a certain place, natural disasters, like a tsunami, can affect our manufacturing and we would have to switch to a more expensive alternative. Even though we will not be actually manufacturing our products, it helped some groups realize that it is ok to scale back some of their features on their products so they could focus on the ones that really mattered. We also learned the importance of product testing… “It would be really bad if the candy you sold tasted horrible, but you didn’t know!” said Sheila. Kelly had a really funny video of herself acting as “Dr. Notest,” which showed the importance of testing, and how nobody gets it all right the first time! She does testing at Motorola, and she told us they spend months testing each model!

The best part of the day was that the girls got to go around and give each other feedback on their products. They were able to help each other refine their products and give each other some good ideas of what they could add. Team Scarlett actually went home Tuesday night, did research on diabetes, and heart disease and came back with typed up information for their product! They realized while creating their prototypes, that while they had a great idea for a wristband to help people with diabetes be healthier, they did not actually know what it would take to help someone with diabetes be healthier. In their research they found special diets and exercise plans that they would be able to include in their plans. The enthusiasm and dedication that all of the girls have shown so far to their products has been amazing to see! From the first day, where their ideas were unrefined and a little wild, to see their prototypes finally start to come together, we can’t wait to see the presentations at the end of the week!


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