Spring Break Camp 2016

SPRING BREAK FUN!! Schools of the Logan Square area were allowed to bring their middle school girls to experience a memorable spring Break. With collaboration of Motorola Mobility and Logan Square Neighborhood Association, we held a Spring Break Camp at Frederick Funston Elementary with the focus on product innovation. Lisa Whitelock, from Motorola Mobility, began the week for the girls to get to know each other and introduce them to what exactly a product is. The main areas they thought about with what makes a good product is if it is viable, feasible, and desirable. In teams, the girls gave examples of what they thought what a good product was based on those three things. Tania also gave a good point on a good product, such as speeches. “the speech itself is not a product, but it could be advertising a product. Ideas can be turned into products.”

Throughout the week, the girls thought about a big problem they wanted to solve. They connect with each other through stories and experiences to come up with a product that could help solve their “problem.” The groups all came up with their own products solving different things such as world hunger, helping the vision impaired, and language barriers. They were visited by Booby and Kiko, other women at Motorola, and was given a better understanding with prototyping and the different stages you go through with creating the ultimate product!! With much brainstorming and preparing, the girls would finally present to Executives at Motorola Mobility in a Shark Tank setting. They were to presnet their ideas/products and give elevator pitches on why these executives should invest in their product. The girls were very excited to be introduced to professional women and showcase all their hard work. The girls also had a blast the entire time!!!! “This spring break was a lot of fun.” Sheila told us. This camp was great for the girls to look outside the box and build their confidence in creating their own work and hopefully seeing them become a reality.

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