Crane - ForensicsI’m not sure where to begin! The month of March has really been madness. The forensic investigators applied many new skills to activities such as document analysis, hair analysis, and crime scene investigation! On top of the new skills, this after school program has become a second family to all! It is very pleasing to see my students grow, not only on a professional level, but a personal one as well.

To prepare the students to have great attention to detail and observational skills, I had a power-point activity where the students find the 6 differences between two of the same pictures. For the crime scene activity, I hid about 6 items around our classroom. I also had a word search worksheet for the students. The whole point of having two different activities was to show the students how to take a leadership role while being a team member as well. I let the students take the lead. They organized themselves into groups and each had their own assignment two people looked for the crime scene items and the rest of the group members’ worked on the word search. Each assignment had its own point value system. The worksheet had around 15 words and counted for 2 points each word, where as the crime scene items had other point values. I wanted the teens to feel like it was a real crime scene so I provided scrubs and a face-mask! The students did not hesitate to put them on! Some of the students finished their worksheet and went straight to help look for the crime scene items!

Towards the end of program, Murtada, my student, did not want to take off his scrub or face mask and replied with “ I look like a professional!” I then told him he could keep them. Such a great feeling to end program like that!

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