Seed DispersalSpring has sprung in Garfield Park, and that means the Science Giants at Al Raby High School have started up again and are working harder than ever. We had a little inter-class competition on March 22nd. Each student had to create three seeds out of recyclables. The three seeds had to represent the three ways a seed can be dispersed. One had to be able to be dispersed by water, one by wind and one by an animal. The creativity the Science Giants showed was amazing! Joanne created a parachute-like seed that would float down off of a tree and when the wind caught the parachute it would carry it further from the parent tree. Theon created a seed with paperclips a water bottle and rubber bands that would propel itself through the water. The Science Giants combined ideas to create even better seeds, “If we combine my balloon with your boat, our seed would float further down a river.” Lena said to Desiree halfway through building their seeds.

Once they built their seeds a fierce competition ensued. The flight competition was by far the most intense. So there was a fair starting point, Miss Meghan dropped each seed from the same step down the stairs. The runaway winner was Leah’s seed, it floated down two flights of stairs! After that Joanne’s parachute and Lena’s bird-like seeds floated the next furthest! Most of the water seeds floated the same amount of time, but the diversity of the types of seeds was amazing. No two water seeds looked remotely similar, some students opted for a water bottle as their base, some students used corkboard, and other students used balloons to keep their creations afloat!

Finally the animal seed competition was by far the most interesting, some students created seeds that could be carried by animal on their fur and others created seeds that would be ingested by an animal and carried that way. Danni created a seed using paper clips that would mimic a bur. It would grab onto fur and hold on until the animal scraped it off. Melvin created a fruit that would protect the seed until an animal came along and ate it. The Science Giants creativity shone through, and after it was all over Alonzo’s “birdfeeder” seed was voted the favorite by the students.

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