Mar 22 - 4Although the month of April was short the Codesters still had a fun and challenging experience. I have noticed something that the kids were starting to do naturally when it came down to other students. The Codesters had to share a computer lab with another class lately and the experience was pretty unique. In the middle of the Python lesson I paused and taught my kids an aggregate of computer science. I did it in a way where they had to be in groups of two and they had to compete for the correct answer. They loved it because of the competition aspect but I noticed that they have learned a lot from the one game we played.

The Codesters had to share their room with about twenty other students from a different class. While most of the kids in the other class were struggling I knew I couldn’t help them all and constantly help my students. All of the Codesters volunteered to help the other students with the problems that they had while I focused on the entire room. I was impressed by my kid’s ability to multitask while doing their complex work and helping the other students with technical difficulties. It was like I seen myself duplicated within all of my students. The lessons are getting harder for the Codesters but they still seem to stick it through. If I compare my Codesters class to the Brothers for Science I would say that the Codesters have mastered the art of teamwork. Even when everything gets hard they pull together and figure out algorithms. When the class first started algorithms, they were afraid of the task and debugging the code. What I found helpful was to let the class write a few algorithms then introduce it to them so it will not seem so intimidating to them. I found this task very helpful because once they have already done the work they cannot pre-judge the lines of code and back out of the debugging process.

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