Team Englewood students were eager to learn and that is exciting! Week one, they found out that there are different types of lettuce; kale, arugula, mustard greens and even collard Greens can be used as ‘lettuce’. The students also found out there are plenty more fruit and vegetable options than those they are familiar with.

The students brought in labels of some of their favorite foods like Gatorade, frozen Chicken Nuggets and canned corn . We read off the ingredients and researched what they were. They were surprised at the amount on non-food items were listed. There were many exclamations of “Ew, that’s nasty” as we read the truth of what those ingredients were.

We discussed the importance of keeping a food journal to understand how the food that is consumed affects the body. Every morning we start with “How do you feel?” and we investigate what our body is telling us based on how we feel. A journal helps with that investigation, and they are committed to maintaining them!

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