Week two at TEAM Englewood was delicious! The students learned of all the different fruit and vegetable options available to them. Imagine walking into a building where half of its space is filled with colorful, fresh fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts & seeds! “Wait, are you talking about a grocery store”? YES! Their realization that most people walk right past the produce section, maybe picking up a couple items, just to fill their cart with boxed, canned or frozen foods was powerful!

They had the opportunity to try some new exotic fruits in class. They tried a horned melon, dragon fruit & persimmon. They identified what was their primary form of taste. Some taste with their eyes first and others with their nose.

The students identified foods that were either acidic or alkalizing which will affect the PH balance of your body. They also took a PH test in class and many learned they were slightly acidic. What does being acidic mean? One student’s response: “It means your body is well”. Yes! Disease starts in an acidic state. How do you alkalize your body? By eating the types of foods you listed under alkalinity. The students at Team Englewood were eager to share what they learned back to their families.

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