The first week of Science Giants Internship has flown by and the students are working hard on the lesson plans they will be teaching to elementary school students at By The Hand in the Austin neighborhood. The students have taken their assignment and run with it. They have come up with twenty possible topics for four days of lessons; it might be hard to narrow down because they are all so interesting!

None of these students knew each other before walking in on Tuesday, and this group of students have really come together in a very short amount of time and come up with some really cool hands on activities. Alize wants to teach the students how to make rock candy. Armontae is really excited about food science and wants to demonstrate digestion of healthy food and unhealthy food to the students. Chantiera and Ruben have a bunch of activities about physics and energy transfer, and they are thinking about splitting the class into stations so they can get all the activities done! Luwam joined a few days late but jumped in immediately taking a leadership role in planning and organizing the time that each activity would take. I originally planned that they would split into teams to do the days separately, but the students have taken so well to working as a big group that they are planning each day together and then splitting up the background research and activity research. “Since my activity takes 4 days to finish, we can start it on Monday, but then each day take a few minutes to look at what happens!” Alize said. What I love about the structure of the program this summer is that the students get to pick what subjects they are interested in and then they get to share it with younger students. I can’t wait to see these lessons come alive in the next few weeks!

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