This week in Team Englewood, the students learned that the human body needs to be at a PH level of 7 to be normal. Anything less is acidic and disease starts in a acidic environment. We made a list of foods that are acidic like Soda, Meat, Chips, French Fries and even some water. We then listed foods that are alkaline like Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and water. The students also took a PH test with PH strips that change color when you put saliva on them. They were able to find out if they were acidic or alkaline.

We also spoke about how important drinking water is. How our bodies are made of over 60% water. They learned that the easy signs of dehydration are dried lips and thirst. When they have these symptoms their bodies are already dehydrated.

We tested the ,. The students were surprised to see that some of their favorite brands of water bottles were very acidic. They also got to taste all the different water brands and distinguish a difference in taste. When the ingredients were read they were surprised to find more than just water in the bottles.

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