On July 18th students started their third week of the Environmental Adventures program. This week focused on some of the less popular phylums of Arthropoda and Annelid or as most students called them “weird crawly creepy things” like insects and worms. Students shuddered when they learned about the threats of pollution and solid waste. So we studied how many invertebrates act as nature’s garbage men by cleaning up after larger creatures.

Tuesday students got hand on time with earthworms, mealworms crickets and even a live crayfish. Wednesday students were visited by Andrea Thompson from the Field Museum in Chicago who specializes in ant behavior and genetics. Together students and experts collected bugs that will be stored for years at the museum! Thursday students relaxed with an art project, The “Build A Bug” workshop!

When asked if she would still kill insects on sight one student said “….yea I still probably would, not the spiders though, or the earthworms, or the ants”. This is a pretty good improvement from our first day.



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