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This week was a week to remember; so many cool activities and topics. We covered fingerprints and DNA, but also got a chance to go to the Museum of Science and industry! For the fingerprinting activity we tried 2 methods. The first experiment we did was with regular black ink powder. I gave the teens a worksheet where they can categorize their prints for each finger. Kimberly all excited said “I’m finished with my worksheet.. can I use a different surface to compare how different my prints look?!” Then once the teens finished they started experimenting with different surfaces such as tables and glass. Ahmya then said “ can I look at my fingerprint under the microscope?!” We really couldn’t tell much of the fingerprint, but that is not the point; the point is that the teens were in a way forming hypothesis and creating different ways to analyze their prints! The second activity involved markers and a white balloon. This time the teens colored their fingers with different colors and put their prints on a white balloon. They then blew up the balloon and were able to look at their fingerprints in detail! April commented, “ It looks like most of the class has a majority of looped fingerprint.”

Later in the week we went over DNA and the teens filled out a worksheet with DNA facts! April and Andrea are the twins in the class. Andrea commented “ I find it so cool that I have the same DNA as my twin, but our fingerprints are different!” The last day of that week we took some time away from the classroom and explored the Museum of Science and Industry! Thank you Jackie for helping chaperone that day! The teens got to explore many areas but they mentioned that the most popular and favorite spot was the “numbers in nature” because of the mirror maze. I also noticed the teens had tons of fun in the YOU experience, Science Storms, and Genetics section. Future STEM Professionals I tell you!


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