It was a bitter sweet last week at By the Hand Kids Club with the Channing’s Day Care students! We were sad we had to go, but we spent the entire week teaching the students about how ice cream and candy are made. “I feel much more confident teaching the students now because I know them!” said Chantiera. It has been so much fun watching the students build relationships with each other and the younger students. The first week of teaching was “fun but overwhelming,” according to Alize. But once they got to know the students, and were more comfortable, they were able to teach and also gain a lot of classroom management skills “I have so much respect for what teachers do now! This is hard!” said Desean as he had little Madison and Ginuwine chasing him around the room during Sharks and Minnows.

The most fun activity for the kids was our Ice Cream in a Bag activity. Not only did they love eating the delicious and actually fairly healthy ice cream, they loved running around and shaking up the bags. The little boys got really excited about taking slow motion videos of themselves shaking the bags. Shenise taught all the students about food chains by having them draw their favorite animals and then we talked about what that animal ate, and if anything ate that animal. By the end we had some great diagrams of bears and berries and fish. But my personal favorite was little Dushawn, and his was a mouse being eaten by a snake, being eaten by an eagle, being eaten by a volcano. Luwam had to explain to him that a volcano is not alive so can’t really eat and is not a part of the food chain. But it was still a beautiful picture of a volcano!

To finish off the week we spent a little time at the Garfield Park Conservatory with the students. It was sad to say bye at the end of the day, bEut we had such a great time teaching them all about science in a fun and different way!


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