The students at Little Village enjoyed the field trip to The Plant. They really enjoyed the hydroponics lab. The students were curious to see the tilapia fish and fresh water shrimp. It was impressive to see how excited they were to create a planter using old plastic bottles and be able to see lettuce growing. They made some very creative planters! One student used rope to create a hanging basket while another one used rope to make it into a purse. They all helped each other with creative thoughts and idea on how to decorate and make their planter unique!

The outdoor portion of the plant was an adventure for Little Village. They names the chickens, explored all the different gardens and even tasted some chocolate mint straight from the garden.

The students were very surprised by the facts of how long a plastic bottle or a Styrofoam cub takes to decompose. It made the experience very eye opening and created some discussion on what actions they can take to be more aware of their use of plastic/Styrofoam. There were many exclamations of “I can’t wait to bring my sister, mother or some other family member”. It was a very successful day!


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