img_8645My name is Meghan Bagley, and I am so excited for my first session of Sisters4Science at Ariel Community Academy! I have been facilitating the high school program, Science Giants, since last fall, and I am excited to do both this fall (expect lots of updates on Twitter and Instagram from Ariel and Al Raby)! I truly love being a part of Project Exploration, getting to make a difference in young people’s lives, and being a part of spreading Project Exploration’s mission! I was so fortunate to have incredible female role models in STEM fields growing up, and they inspired me to have the confidence to pursue my degree in biology. Because of this, I hope to be a role model to my students to inspire them to do what they img_8642want! I am really excited to bring unique hands on activities to my students this year! In the first few weeks, we will be covering a little food science by making ice cream in a bag, and then moving to a little bit of botany where we will be growing grass in CD cases and then figuring out what growing conditions work best. I am most excited to get to know the girls and then planning the program around what they want to learn about! I loved working with the middle school girls during the spring break camp last spring, so I am excited to get to spend the whole fall with img_8641them! I hope that my students learn something about science, but, more importantly, I hope they gain confidence in themselves and know that they can pursue whatever careers they want! I also hope they learn the importance of teamwork in the science world, and the real world in general. The girls will learn how to support each other through challenges and day-to-day activities!

By Meghan Bagley

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