img_8575My name is Meghan Bagley, and I am so excited to be facilitating Science Giants with After School Matters at Al Raby High School for the 4th time! (I am also facilitating Sisters4Science at Ariel this fall, so expect lots of tweets as well as Instagram and blog posts from me!) I graduated from Denison University with a biology degree in 2015. I joined Project Exploration last fall because I am passionate about making science more accessible to more students. This school year, I am excited to continue the fun work the high school students did this summer with elementary school students. The students will be creating STEM based “lessons” to teach to elementary aged kids. img_8570

What I love about this program is that the teens get to learn how to teach, but in doing so they are forced to learn the material themselves. The teens will be able to select the topics that they find most interesting to teach to the kids, which helps them stay engaged in the material. I will be giving the teens the power to dictate what they teach and how they teach the material. For the first few weeks of program, the students will have the opportunity to try out different activities that would be great for kids and then they will be able to select the actual subjects they want to cover. I am leaving most of the structure up to the students, so they can pick STEM subjects that they can really get into! I am hoping that by the end of this img_8559program the students not only have learned how to do and teach hands on science experiments but that they will also have gained confidence in front of a group and are able to collaborate effectively with img_8560teammates. If the success the Science Giants had this summer is any indication, I believe this fall will be full of fun and discovery!

By Meghan Bagley

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