img_4723These past few weeks have been an overflow because I am fortunate enough to go to work to see 19 people waiting to see me and share something with me. I love experiencing the uniqueness of each girl. I Iove the laughter of Sisters4Science. We laugh on a daily basis. The girls make the trivial things in life seem not so small. It has been an amazing feeling helping and making a change in someone else’s life.

This particular activity we did focusing on their learning styles helped me, but most importantly it helped them discover how they best process information. We all are unique learners. No one else learns in the same img_4762way you do. Chyna, for example, has the type of personality that makes her have to move to in order to learn, “so sitting at a desk all day doesn’t do it for me,” she says. By contrast, Semajah, with an inventing disposition, asks many questions, such as ‘How does this work?’ and ‘What about this?'”. I wanted the girls to understand knowing your learning style is not meant to limit you. rather, it is meant to expand you by helping you to work, learn, and live more efficiently.

Writtenimg_4760 by: Toriana Williams

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