img_0759Beginning Project Exploration’s STEM program Brothers4Science was an amazing start. At Funston Elementary School, I am a facilitator for an all-boys STEM program called Brothers4Science. In Brothers4Science my plans are to show the guys how to use Agile methodology. Where we can use scrum teams to execute cool experiments.

In Brothers4Science we always sit in desks formed into a circle for a better community. So far there are ten brothers in the program. In the beginning, I wanted to know more about the brother’s views on science. So we did introductions by saying our names and what we like about science. Most of them said they like doing experiments. Every Tuesday the program takes place, I always want to arrive early enough to make an agenda for a steady and focused day. The first two programs went smoothly; I went over Some Goals and code of conduct. I like to call it accountability. I asked the students to participate in making the list of accountability. The first code on the list is LEADERSHIP.

We also start the class with recreation, and something weird happened on Octoberimg_0551 4, 2016. The boys had lost their ball up in a tree. It was sad because we could not get it down, but we still had a good day. I wished I could be like MacGyver and miraculously find a solution. Brothers4Science is an awesome program open to everyone who wants to be in an after school program. We have two students who come from a “Marine school” down the street.

I have great plans and expectations for the year as well as some cool people from my network to come in and do some projects with the guys. I am the youngest of 6 brothers and sisters and have 2 older brothers, the oldest is 52. I always wanted to be a big brother. Big brothers are the best. Simply because they know the responsibility of being a leader. So in Brothers4Science we will not just learn about science, but we will also learn how to be Leaders.   img_0557

Written by: Tyler Jackson

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