Sisters4Science - Fundston 1This is my 4th year with Project Exploration, and it has been such pleasure to work as a STEM facilitator. Before PE, I had been working in K-4 classrooms as an Elementary Education major student and a Sisters4Science - Fundston 3student-teacher. Moving to Chicago, I completed the Bachelor of Arts degree with English—Creative Writing at North Park University. Over the last three years with Project Exploration, I have been watching the girls falling into science so deep, even growing their love for science—they never knew science could be something for the ladies, but yes, my students have so much enjoyed exploring their lives through science, such as engaging with forensic scientists, designing cell-phone prototypes with Motorola professionals, and so much more. This year, I am leading the Sisters4Science sessions at Frederick Funston Elementary again, Sisters4Science - Fundston 2partnering with Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA). My primary goal for the girls is to fully embrace the world we are in through science—this is where science becomes a toolbox for us.

As a pre-service teacher back in 2011, I was interning at NASA and I had learned how to implement Children’s Literacy in Science. Literacy matters, and I am very aware how critical it is in every part of our lives. This fall, my students and I will be exploring nature around us as anthropologists and the whole universe (such as the gravity that holds us to this earth) as astronomers. We will even be publishing our very first science journal as journalists. Sounds so interesting, even fun for the girls, right? My goal isn’t to have my students do science majors when they are in college—if they want it, yes, that would be amazing—but I want to help them find out who they are, a truest self, as they are being reconnected to nature and the world around them. Science is much more than “Periodic Table” or bubbling on the answer sheets. I believe, science isn’t for reading, but for doing. I am very looking forward to another fabulous year with my girls at Frederick Funston Elementary. Sisters4Science - Fundston 4

Thank you.

Written By: Bori Kim

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