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My name is Nathalia, and I am the instructor for Sisters4Science at Orozco Community Academy in Pilsen. It is my first time doing S4S, so I am super excited. For the month of October, the girls and I are working on acids and bases, and cells, such as cell membrane and the eukaryotic cell! The last week of October we will have Halloween based experiments such as the “witch’s cauldron” with dry ice and erupting pumpkins with vinegar and baking soda! I also plan to have a costume party to go with these experiment, so stay tuned for the pictures and videos!

F20161005_170853or the month of N20161005_170947ovember, we will focus on a model organism called planarian. These organisms have regeneration characteristics that the girls can study up on. Last week was the first week of program, and it went GREAT! I meet my wonderful students; we were having so much fun with our water and oil lava lamp experiment that we did not even have time for a warm- up activity. This week we did our edible eukaryotic cell experiment. In this experiment, the girls recreated a eukaryotic animal cell with vanilla cake and different kind of candy for the different organelles.. Yumm! One example the girls used Twizzlers and cut them into tiny pieces to represent the centrioles. The other group used sprinkles to represent the free ribosomes in   20161005_173425 20161005_171042the cells.. love it! Through out the class, the girls would not stop telling me things like, “This is the best experiment ever!”, “I love S4S!”, “I’m going to tell every girl I know to join!”, and “Can we do this again next week?”

Written by: Nathalia

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